Flevor is an original word which came by inspiration. We however like to believe that it means ‘to express… with flavor’. Whack? You can tell us what you think it means on social media using #WithFlevor

Oh yes! We do. Check for the privacy policy here. And the T & C’s here.

Generally, we don’t. But if you think you have a strong case worth considering, you may send us a mail at hi@flevor.co

If you’re within Abuja and Lagos, then you should expect your order within 24hours. Residents or recipients in other states however may receive their order within those same hours or with a slight modification depending on subjective logistics.

Well, our delivery personnel will try again a couple of times and if you’re still unreachable, the item will be returned to us. We’ll keep it for 1 month after which we are no longer under an obligation to keep it and we may either destroy or resell it with no liabilities attached.

We use a third party payment platform – Paystack, currently. Click here to check out their terms and privacy.  

Y’absolutely! We’re at your service

Unless you tell us otherwise, we delete the picture from our computers. Of course, the picture may still exist in the cloud where you uploaded it but you may reach out to us on hi@flevor.co to delete it as well.

If you order gets to you damaged or destroyed, first, we apologize. Second, kindly take a picture and send it to us at hi@flevor.co and we’ll resolve this complaint. If however, the Order is in good condition but you just wish it looked better, we’re afraid there might be nothing we can do about it. This does not stop you from contacting us at hi@flevor.co anyway. We’ll reply you.

Oops! If you’re able to reach out within 30 minutes of placing the order, then we might be able to cancel the order from our end.

By all means! Please contact us on hi@flevor.co We’ll be honoured to receive your suggestions.